High Frequency, Positive Energy

Rosanate develops wellness products that are good for your body and mind health, produced only from high vibration aromatherapy essential oils starting with Rose.

With the Collective Business Model, Rosanate has established its corporate structure based on the principle of partnerships and a vision that prioritizes opening more space especially for women in business life

We offer you the purest and most natural rose water, using the traditional distillation method including copper alembic and wood fire.

Mrs. Rukiye grows Rose Damascane roses in Isparta for 30 years, and with the skillful and experienced hands we produce the best rose water without taking the essential rose oil.

Our Story The bond between human and nature is through smell, the brain is directly related to the outside world through smell. Aromatherapy, that is, the healing power of herbal oils, which is formed with thousands of years of knowledge, affects the individual both physically and emotionally. ROSE ranks first among all aromatherapy plants, which have become the symbol of love and beauty throughout human history, with a frequency of 320 Mhz. It focuses on natural life products to support people to balance and keep their physical, mental and emotional state of being at the best point throughout their lives. Rosanate designs and produces aromatherapnic essential oils, hydrosols, creams, indoor fragrances and perfumes. We only work with the highest frequency natural aromatic plants.